Dance & Yoga

Why I'm so passionate about Yoga and Ballet

My Ballet journey started at the tender age of 3 when I was enrolled at the Madame Zircovitch School of ballet in Nairobi, Kenya. I was hooked on day one and slept with my ballet shoes under my pillow for 3 years! 

At the age of 6 I then joined an R.A.D. school of ballet in Johannesburg and took my Major RAD exams when I was 16. I went on to become a student member of The Royal Academy of Dancing, England. 

After moving to England although my career changed, my passion for ballet never faltered and I continued to attend classes at both the English National Ballet and the Minerva School of Ballet, maintaining my knowledge and skill and, sometimes, assisting with classes.


Moving to Spain in 2002 I continued dancing with L'Attidue School of Dance, assisting with choreography of some acts in the yearly show.


Whilst in Spain I had the opportunity to combine my two loves, Yoga and Ballet, as I was employed by Dance Master Class (Italy), an annual international Dance Retreat. Here I combined my knowledge of dance alonside my skills as a Yoga Instructor to help the dancers stretch and relax.


I have been teaching ballet to both children and adults for a number of years both in Spain and now in England. 



My journey into understanding the beauty of Yoga started in 2011. In Spain I joined Nalanie Chellarham, an internationally renowned spiritual teacher who allowed me to train as a Hatha Yoga teacher. I completed the Teacher Training Program in 2015, becoming an Integral Yoga Teacher and have been teaching Yoga ever since. I also attended the Raja Yoga course in 2016. 

I recognise the beauty of combining my Ballet background with the spiritual side of Yoga. A perfect combination of East meets West, in understanding the benefits of stretching and exercise on overall health and well-being.